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About the Partnership

​Modern Woodmen of America is partnering with River Bend Foodbank to fight hunger in the Quad Cities in 2014.

​River Bend Foodbank serves 84,000 different people each year. About 10,000 people receive emergency food assistance each month.

The poor and needy from our community fall into three basic categories.  The situationally poor are people who are experiencing hunger on a temporary basis.  The second group is the working poor.  In today’s economy it takes two full-time workers earning minimum wage to support a family of four above the poverty level.  The final category is the chronically poor.  These are people who slip into and out of poverty on a regular basis. These people are working families, seniors, children and others in between.

The need:
Approximately 46 percent of clients served by River Bend Foodbank report having to choose between paying for food or paying for utilities, heating or fuel.  Summer and early fall are slow periods for food pantries.  This means their donations run low. Hunger drives and holiday donations provide a great source of donations for River Bend during the winter months, but many forget the need continues throughout the year. Modern Woodmen's plan, in 2014, is to help close that gap and to support community members who rely on the foodbank.

Our goals:

  • To support River Bend Foodbank financially and through donations.
  • To make an impact in the Quad Cities.
  • To spread awareness about the hungry and need for food assistance in the Quad Cities.
  • To engage Modern Woodmen employees in a volunteer event.