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Foresters (Drill Teams)

Modern Woodmen Foresters were one of the most celebrated precision drill teams America has ever witnessed. Known far and wide for their elaborate uniforms, shiny axes and meticulous drills, the Foresters were a sight to see.  

The Foresters were a powerful factor in promoting the growth and popularity of Modern Woodmen of America from 1890 until the late 1930s. Celebrated and enjoyed by so many, President Herbert Hoover even took notice and honored the Foresters at the White House.

Famous for rainbow parades
In what were termed “Rainbow Parades” because of their elaborate attire, more than 160,000 men in 10,000 units of Modern Woodmen Foresters marched their way into Americans' hearts. Modern Woodmen dazzled crowds by showing off each team in its own style and color of uniform. These “triumphs of picturesque pageantry” have been described as the most gorgeous spectacles ever witnessed on the streets of the cities that hosted them.

The Foresters were favorite attractions at several of America’s World Fairs. The last-known Rainbow Parade halted traffic on Chicago’s Michigan Boulevard for more than two hours as spectators by the thousands crowded the sidewalks and curbs to view the elaborate exhibition.

Live on in history
The pride and joy of Modern Woodmen for over 40 years, the Foresters continued to perform through the 1930s. Because they’ve earned a place in history, they’ll always be remembered as the beautiful spectacle that they were.