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​Logos and Branding

​In 2008, Modern Woodmen celebrated its 125th year of service and unveiled a new logo and brand identity.  The new logo honored the past as well as looking to the future as a fraternal financial services organization.

What are the ideas behind the image?

Protection in times of need
Modern Woodmen’s early emblems included the shield. Our current logo includes the outline of a shield, reviving the goal of the organization since its founding – to protect members and their families. We continue to do this today, through our financial products and fraternal member benefits.

Growth to a bright new future
Blue and green are colors of growth – the ultimate goal of Modern Woodmen. The logo also looks toward the horizon. Members provide a better tomorrow for their families and themselves.

A touch of patriotism
Early Modern Woodmen images portrayed the bald eagle soaring. Freedom and patriotism were and still are important parts of the organization. The abstract outline of the bald eagle forms the clouds in the logo as a portrayal of Modern Woodmen’s national pride and the independence felt through membership.

Download the logo

Need to use the Modern Woodmen logo? Refer to this Logo Quick Reference Sheet to make sure you're using it  properly. Contact Modern Woodmen's Corporate Communications Department with any questions or to request a different format.

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