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According to recent Modern Woodmen research, 68.4 percent of members volunteer in their communities. That’s well over twice the national average. That makes us proud.
Do you want to join in, but don’t know where to start (or think you lack the time)? The great thing about volunteering is it doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment. You can volunteer as little or as often as you want. You can fly solo. Or, you can volunteer as a family, with a friend, or in the company of complete strangers.
Consider these simple ways to share the fraternal spirit in your community.
1. Support a school – Due to budget cuts, many schools increasingly rely on help from parents, grandparents and other community members. Offer to read to kindergartners – once or weekly. Help spread mulch on the playground. Support one of many school fundraisers. Encourage a teacher to contact your Modern Woodmen representative about our free, curriculum-enhancing youth educational programs.  
2. Go green – Love nature? Take advantage of the many opportunities to volunteer in the great outdoors and/or support conservation efforts in your hometown. Donate fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden to a homeless shelter. Clean up litter after a community festival or sporting event. Help clear trails in a wooded park. Start a paper-recycling drive.
3. Show a little faith – Teaching Sunday school. Serving as an elder or on a committee. Stuffing envelopes for a mailing. Raking leaves and pulling weeds during an annual clean-up day. There are countless ways to support local churches and other faith-based organizations.
4. Adopt a nonprofit – What’s your passion or favorite cause? Chances are you can find a related charity or nonprofit organization near you that could use a few more hands (or dollars). Pet dogs at the animal shelter. Lead a knitting circle for a cancer support group. Collect nonperishables for the food pantry. Designate a portion of your paycheck to your local United Way, which helps fund a variety of community organizations.
5. Mingle with members – Modern Woodmen has a built-in, national volunteer network. Local chapters (including Summit chapters for those age 55 and up) help members of all ages come together to provide dollars, basic necessities and hands-on labor to improve lives in their communities. Youth service clubs provide a variety of fun volunteer opportunities for our youngest members.