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When a tornado demolished their home on Feb. 29, 2012, Linda and Jerald Sims of Harrisburg, Ill., received much-needed financial assistance from Modern Woodmen.

“Our representative, John Burns, told us about the Fraternal Aid Fund,” recalls Linda. “We submitted a form and quickly got a letter stating that the premium on my husband’s life insurance certificate would be paid for three months.”

Retired teachers living on a limited income, the Sims say the $105 per month savings allowed them to pay for some out-of-pocket expenses incurred while their home was rebuilt. “It was definitely a big relief,” Linda says.

Modern Woodmen’s Fraternal Aid Fund paid nearly $175,000 of members’ premiums in 2012. Members who are victims of disasters, such as fires, floods, storms or serious health problems, may apply for financial assistance to cover life insurance premiums for a limited time. Contact your Modern Woodmen representative to learn more about fraternal aid.