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Career Spotlight: Michelle Sheesley

I'm a ... Modern Woodmen financial representative and youth service club leader in Mitchell, South Dakota.

My family includes ... my husband, Ryan, and four daughters: Madisyn, 11; Ashtyn, 8; Jaylyn, 6; and Emersyn, 2.

Before Modern Woodmen, I was ... a graphic designer at a local agency.

Why I began a career with Modern Woodmen ... My dad has been a representative with Modern Woodmen for many years and I saw the potential for my family. I was also looking for a job with flexibility because I had three young children at the time. After joining Modern Woodmen I realized I'd made the best career change - even though my background wasn't in finance or business. The training and help that our home office offers is phenomenal.

I chose Modern Woodmen because ... it is a great organization with incredible benefits. So many other companies have done away with benefits for employees.

The best part of my career is ... helping families plan for the future. Whether it's life insurance, setting up college funds, or retirement planning, I love to be part of it. Also, the flexibility this career allows has been really nice. With four girls, it's nice to be able to help in the classroom, take them to activities and stay home with them when they're not feeling well.