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Career spotlight: Robert Houchins

I’m a …
Modern Woodmen managing partner in Jackson, Mo.

My family includes …
wife of 30 years, Brenda, sons Jeremy, 29, Joel, 28, Jared, 23, daughter Jenna, 17, and grandchildren Leah, 1, and Andrew Robert, 7 months.
Before Modern Woodmen, I was …
a campus minister at Southeast Missouri State University, working at the Baptist Student Union. I served there for seven years and was a minister for 13 years before that. I also served in the United States Air Force for six years.
I began a career with Modern Woodmen …
after being downsized in 2007. The Missouri Baptist State Convention downsized student ministry positions. I considered changing careers, but at age 50, I wasn’t finding many opportunities. After 20 years in a field, you establish an identity, so change was hard.
At my daughter’s 13th birthday party, I met the father of one of her friends. He was a Modern Woodmen managing partner. He told me about the career and after some time thinking about it, I took the licensing exam on my own and passed. I called Modern Woodmen and my career truly took off.
I chose Modern Woodmen because …
the organization is in line with my values. It’s about giving back and it’s about family. I already felt like I’d missed a lot in my kids’ lives because of my career. Since starting with Modern Woodmen, I haven’t missed anything in my daughter’s life. I believe in fraternalism because I believe giving back to local communities is vital. And I needed an opportunity to earn an income to support my family and grow a business. I was able to earn more in my first year with Modern Woodmen than I did in my best year in my former career.
The best part of my career is …
that I help others become financially independent and give them the freedom to help people in a meaningful way. You can establish yourself in a business that rewards you, with the flexibility to live your life comfortably and give back to the community. In that way, it’s really an extension of my past career.
Do you want more than a job?
Modern Woodmen offers financial security for families. As a representative, you can earn the income you need today, while building your financial services career to provide long-term financial security for your future. 
But your impact won’t end with financial products. With Modern Woodmen’s fraternal activities, you can make your community a better place to live. Visit the Modern Woodmen Careers website today or find Modern Woodmen Careers on LinkedIn.