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​Career spotlight: Shey Stegall

I’m a … Modern Woodmen managing partner in Plano, Texas.

My family includes … my wife, Regan, and sons, Liam, 4, and Lucan, 1.
Before Modern Woodmen, I was … assistant vice president of a state bank and a commercial real estate investor.
I began a career with Modern Woodmen … in June 2011. I worked in banking for eight years, but I felt like I was selling myself short. There was no room for advancement in the near future. But it was going to take a very special position with a very special company to take me away from the bank. I had not found that position or that company before a Sunday night in March when I submitted an online application to Modern Woodmen.
I was contacted by Managing Partner Chad Foster. I didn't realize he worked for Modern Woodmen. He and I went to rival high schools and played many sports against each other years earlier. The rest is blissful history.
I chose Modern Woodmen because … Modern Woodmen gave me the opportunity to have my own business, make a larger impact in my community through fraternalism and fully take care of my members' financial needs.
The best part of my career is … helping others discover what Modern Woodmen can do for them. As a managing partner, I am able to do this by hiring and training successful people. I am also able to help Modern Woodmen members with their financial lives while impacting individuals and communities through fraternalism.
Do you want more than a job?
As a member, you know that Modern Woodmen offers financial security for families. As a representative, you can earn the income you need today, while building your financial services career to provide long-term financial security for your future. 
But your impact won’t end with financial products. With Modern Woodmen’s fraternal activities, you can make your community a better place to live. Visit the Modern Woodmen Careers website today or find Modern Woodmen Careers on LinkedIn.