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Double the dough

At age 77, Alfreda Barrett’s dream was a simple one. She wanted to give back.
Thanks to Maine Health Care Association’s Live Your Dreams program and local Modern Woodmen youth service club members, Alfreda’s dream is now a reality.
Live Your Dreams partners with like-minded volunteers to help long-term-care residents realize their hopes and dreams.
“[Alfreda] wanted to raise money to donate to the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen in Augusta, Maine, where she once was a beneficiary in a time of need,” says Penny Ellis, Education Associate for MHCA. “She wanted to help serve a meal and ‘let the folks know that I understand how difficult hard times are today, because I have been there.’”
Phyllis Kenney, a long-time Modern Woodmen youth service club leader in Farmingdale, Maine, organized a Matching Fund read-a-thon in September 2012. The funds raised would be given to Alfreda to donate to Bread of Life.
“Penny had heard about all the volunteer work we do,” says Phyllis, “and she wanted to know if my club would be interested in helping raise money for Alfreda’s dream request. We were happy to help!”
The club’s read-a-thon event, Double the Dough, raised $450 – matched by Modern Woodmen to provide a $900 check for Alfreda’s dream. “The kids in my club are young, but they enjoy what they’re doing,” says Phyllis. “We talk about why we volunteer, and they get it.”