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Focus on protection​​

Members: Adam (quoted here) and Nicole Graham (center)
City: Delaware, Ohio
Occupation: Police officer (Adam) and stay-at-home mom of two 
Modern Woodmen representative: Amanda Mowry

Why is protecting your family’s financial future important?
I’m a law enforcement officer. Every night I leave the house for work, it’s acknowledged it may be the last time I come home to my family. There’s some comfort in knowing the family will be taken care of financially if the only source of our income were to be taken away by my death.

How is Modern Woodmen helping you?
By providing the life insurance and comfort of knowing each person in our family would be taken care of if one of us died. We all have coverage. It would not only help in the cost of funeral expenses, but also ensure the family could maintain our current way of living.

What’s something you’ve learned about protection planning?
Life insurance to a person not working in the insurance field is very overwhelming and confusing. Amanda did an amazing job of explaining the differences in the types of life insurance and what all the values mean. 

With the help, time, explanation and no-pressure way in which Amanda explained costs, length and options, we decided on Modern Woodmen. We’re confident in our coverage and know we’re not just a paycheck.  

Amanda’s advice:
Protect what is most precious to you. Make sure your children and spouse can live a happy and somewhat normal life if either parent died or became ill. Take inventory of how financially secure your family would be in case of a sudden, life-changing event. Put a plan into place that will meet these needs while you’re still young and healthy. 


Will $255 pay for your funeral?
Social Security provides a lump-sum death benefit of $255 to individuals who qualify. However, the Federal Trade Commission says the average funeral can cost $10,000 or more. Something isn’t adding up!

Life insurance is an affordable way to provide peace of mind for those you leave behind. The income tax-free death benefit can help pay for your funeral, hospital bills and any other expenses associated with your death. 

Life insurance could never replace you. It can help your family:
    • Stay in your home.
    • Cover living expenses and outstanding debt.
    • Go on with life after your death.
The need for personal life insurance typically increases over the years. This is especially true as you start your family, advance in your career, buy a home and accumulate more assets. The more you learn about your options, the better prepared you’ll be to select the type of product that’s best for you. 

Talk to your representative to learn more.