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Life Line Screening Program

Modern Woodmen member Kathi Welnak, Hartland, Wisconsin, has a long family history of heart disease. Her mother suffered a series of small strokes, and her husband had quintuple bypass surgery. She knows how important it is to be proactive. “I want to be sure,” she says. “I want to know, now, if I have something I need to take care of.” That’s why she has taken advantage of Modern Woodmen’s Life Line Screening Program twice over the past few years.

The first time Kathi was screened, her doctors discovered a spot on her thyroid. She went through a series of tests and had the spot biopsied. Fortunately, her results were promising; the biopsy showed it was not cancerous. Kathi says the process was worth the initial worry. “What if it had been something? I would have never known without taking these tests.”
Kathi and her husband now rely on the Life Line Screening Program every other year. “It’s affordable, it’s convenient and, most of all, it helps me be proactive.”
The Life Line Screening Program helps members become aware of unrecognized cardiovascular problems and encourages them to seek follow-up care with their personal physician. Modern Woodmen members who are 50-80 years of age may participate in a screening at a reduced cost. Watch your mail for information about a screening in your area.