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Life insurance for kids -- unwrapped!

Damion is almost 4 years old. He likes trucks, football and running, running, running. And – like any kid – he loves unwrapping presents.
But Damion is unaware of just how many presents he received when he became a Modern Woodmen member. When his parents purchased his life insurance certificate, they did so much more than protect against the unimaginable. They gave him a host of living benefits – some that could last a lifetime.
Go ahead … sneak a peek!
Smart financial start
Life insurance gives kids a financial head start in life. It forms a solid financial foundation they can build on for the future. And it’s an easy way for you to help teach them the value of savings.
Low rates
Life insurance premiums are based on age and will never be less expensive than when you’re young and healthy. Your child can be covered for as low as $2 per month for term plans. With permanent plans, you can lock in a low rate for life.
Future insurability
Protecting your kids with life insurance now helps assure they can have protection throughout their lives – even if they develop health problems.
Collateral for loans
If your child has a permanent life insurance plan, he/she can use it as collateral to secure college loans, a down payment on a home and other loans in the future.
Scholarship opportunities
Young Modern Woodmen members can apply for one of 39 scholarships and 100 additional awards presented annually through the College Scholarship Program. The three top awards each year are $16,000 scholarships.
A place to belong
Youth service clubs throughout the country provide volunteer, educational, patriotic and fun opportunities for young Modern Woodmen members. Monthly club activities are guided by adult member leaders. Kids learn the importance of sharing with others, caring for those in need and giving back to their communities.
Help for their school
Modern Woodmen’s free educational programs for schools, homeschoolers and youth groups benefit more than 2 million children each year. The easy-to-use programs are based on national teaching standards. Topics covered include:
• Civics/American history.
• Ecology awareness.
• Exercise and nutrition.
• Financial literacy.
• Public speaking.
• Safety and life skills.!.aspx