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When Tara and Brock W., Pierre, S.D., purchased term life insurance on their two children, they knew they were building a solid financial foundation for Kailey and Bryson. They knew it was smart to get coverage while the kids were young and healthy.
They didn’t know that within months of purchasing the plans, their 6-year-old daughter would become uninsurable.
A devastating diagnosis
Tara got the call on Nov. 30, 2012. The tests results were in. Kailey had Type 1 diabetes.
“I thought she had a bladder infection,” recalls Tara, who took her daughter to the doctor after several days of increased thirst and bed-wetting. “We were completely devastated.”
Type 1 diabetes is a serious medical condition that affects the body’s ability to produce insulin and provide cells with energy. Because there’s no cure for Type 1 diabetes, Kailey will be insulin-dependent for the rest of her life.
Learning to cope
To the casual observer, Kailey looks and acts like a regular first-grader. She’s a happy, well-adjusted little girl. She’s active in dance and gymnastics.
But life for the family is a constant balancing act, coordinated around blood sugar checks and insulin injections.
“She’s dropped 100 points in 15 minutes before,” says Tara. “To say it’s added stress to our lives would be an understatement.”
Kailey has adapted to this new reality with maturity beyond her years. She’s learned to watch her carbohydrate intake and discreetly check her blood sugar at school. But Tara says her daughter doesn’t yet understand the severity of her condition.
“I’m mourning the carefree childhood she doesn’t know she’s lost,” says Tara. “We’re trying to slow down and enjoy every minute. Not a moment passes that I’m not thinking about her.”
A promise of protection
One thing the family doesn’t have to worry about is Kailey’s ability to qualify for life insurance coverage. Although she’s now uninsurable by most underwriting standards, the term plan Tara and Brock purchased offers their daughter a lifetime of protection.
“Kailey will be able to convert to another insurance plan before she’s 30,” explains Steve B., Tara’s father and the family’s Modern Woodmen representative.
“Her plan also has a Guaranteed Insurability rider, so she’ll have the option to periodically purchase additional coverage without having to answer questions about her health or have a medical exam.”
“Kailey’s insurability wasn’t something we thought we’d have to worry about,” adds Tara, “but I’m so thankful we have this in place. It’s one less thing to worry about for the future.”