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Laurie Walker would still live in a home, but likely not her home. The Modern Woodmen member from Eva, Tenn., would have had to sell her home for sure.
Her son, Lucas, would still have gone on to college. However, he likely would not be graduating in 2014 with $0 in student loans.
In addition to grieving the loss of their husband and father, they’d be facing a slew of concerns about their finances. They’d be spending a lot more time worrying and a lot less time getting on with their lives.
Larry Walker’s life insurance made all the difference.
Change of plans
Larry took early retirement in his 40s and moved his family from California to their home in Eva. He had always wanted to live in the country.
Unfortunately, the economy took a turn in 2008. Larry lost a large portion of the investment income that was supporting his family. This eventually forced him back out of retirement.
He underwent a complete medical exam for his new job. He was in fantastic health – no signs of problems. Then one day in 2010, less than a year later, Larry thought he was having heartburn. He had a massive heart attack and died on the way to the hospital.
Foresight and friendship
Laurie knew the family’s Modern Woodmen representative, Jarrett Glosson, through church. She had never met with him about financial matters. Larry always took care of that. Looking back, she can’t imagine what she would have done without his help.
“I’m disabled. There are times it’s hard for me just to focus, with the pain I go through,” she says. “I was so grateful for Jarrett. He took care of everything.”
Jarrett helped her secure the death certificate. He helped her fill out forms, sorted through piles of paperwork, and thoroughly explained her options.
Due to her disability, Laurie was unable to work. Jarrett helped her turn Larry’s life insurance proceeds into a steady income stream. At her request, he also consolidated and transferred Larry’s various investments to Modern Woodmen for ease of management.
“Jarrett is more than a financial advisor,” says Laurie. “He genuinely cares. That’s important. At that time in your life, you sure need a friend.”
Lessons learned
Laurie advises others not to wait when it comes to life insurance. You never know when your loved one might be gone.
“I was so blessed that my husband planned ahead,” she concludes. “In the midst of grieving, it was like opening a package that said, ‘You’re going to be OK.’
“That’s what life insurance has done for me.”