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About the National Convention

​​Modern Woodmen members from across the nation will gather to represent the voice of the fraternal financial services organization at the 42nd National Convention, June 30-July 2, 2014, at the JW Marriot in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Unlike commercial life insurance companies, Modern Woodmen is a fraternal organization with a democratic, representative form of government. Elected delegates, whom members choose, share members’ ideas at the National Convention every four years.

How the election process works
The election process began at the local level.
  • February – Members chose delegates from their local camp.
  • April – Camp delegates attended county or district conventions. They selected delegates to attend state conventions.
  • May – State conventions were held across the country. State convention representatives elected delegates to attend the National Convention in June.

What happens at the National Convention?
At the National Convention, delegates communicated members' suggestions concerning the business and administration of Modern Woodmen.

The National Convention acts as the legislative and governing body of Modern Woodmen. Delegates discussed proposals for changes to Modern Woodmen's By-laws based on member input. They also elected 13 national officers: a president, national secretary, seven board members, as well as an adviser, escort, watchman and sentry.