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Raising a Family
Death in the Family
Financial Topics

Death in the Family: Getting Started
In This Section
Death in the Family
Getting Started
Financial Topics and Tools
The closer you were to your loved one who passed away, the more responsibilities you may have to juggle in this difficult time, especially if you're the personal representative of the estate. Use the resources in this section to get organized.

Create an emergency contact list.
 Prevent confusion in case of an emergency by documenting important names and phone numbers.  Emergency Contact List>>>

Organize your financial information in one place.  In case of an emergency, this checklist can be a lifesaver -- use it to keep track of key financial documents. Financial Information Checklist>>>

Set your goals.  With your loved one gone, your future may be different than you had planned. Take the time to set new financial goals.  Goal Definition Worksheet>>> Stages/DeathintheFamily/Pages/Gettingstarted.aspx