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Getting Started
Financial Topics and Tools
Married couples have a lot to plan for. Having children, buying a home, taking vacations and retiring comfortably are just a few goals that may be on your mind. What does it take to reach these personal goals? Financial planning.

From this day forward
Talk with a Modern Woodmen representative. All families need to have a financial plan.

On your wedding day, you vowed to protect one another. This is easy with insurance. As your assets and obligations grow, so does your need for protection.

    • Getting Started
      Getting Started
      Define your personal and financial goals as a couple, so you can create a plan to reach them.

Fraternal offerings

When the goal of owning your own home becomes a reality, protect your family by using the Carbon Monoxide Detection Kits offered to Modern Woodmen members.

Modern Woodmen fraternal benefits are not part of the life insurance or annuity contract and may have specific eligibility requirements. Stages/Married/Pages/default.aspx