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Retired: Financial Topics and Tools
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Financial Topics and Tools
You've done the hard work and saved for retirement. However, issues like long-term care, estate planning and life insurance can affect the quality of your retirement. Read through the topics in this section to educate yourself about issues you may need to address.

Create a will and an estate plan. 
It truly is a gift to your loved ones to be organized and prepared in case of an early death. Estate planning>>>

Investigate long-term care options.  Today, the costs of long-term care average $70,000 to $80,000 per year or more. You can protect yourself from this expensive risk. Long-term care insurance>>>

Increase your life insurance.  You may have grandchildren or other loved ones to protect. Make sure you have adequate life insurance. Life insurance>>>

This tool is for general planning purposes only. It is not possible to account for all factors for all individuals or accurately project investment returns. For a comprehensive financial analysis, contact your Modern Woodmen representative. Stages/Retired/Pages/Financialtopicsandtools.aspx