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Disability Income Insurance
A serious illness or injury can devastate a family’s financial situation. Expensive medical bills and a loss of income even for a short time can make it difficult to afford daily living expenses, much less to save for future goals. You can protect yourself from loss of income with disability income insurance.

What is disability income insurance?
Disability insurance is paycheck insurance for you and your loved ones.  It covers the risk of living without income in case of a serious illness or injury.  

Why disability income insurance?
Disability is more common than you think. Studies show that a 20 year old has a 30 percent chance of becoming disabled before retirement. Everyone who cannot afford to live or continue to support their family without their income should consider purchasing disability insurance.  

How to purchase disability income insurance
Product availability varies by state, so check with a Modern Woodmen representative.

Sources: “Social Security Protection if You Become Disabled” Social Security Disability Planner, 2010.