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Why Get Help?
Contacting your Modern Woodmen representative is the best way to create your financial plan. Though the information on this Web site can be very helpful, there is no substitute for personally meeting with a professional.

Modern Woodmen representatives have ideas and solutions that can only come from training, experience and meeting with you to develop a plan that’s right for you and your family. Best of all: As a Modern Woodmen member, the financial analysis will be provided at no cost to you!  

Determine your unique needs
Your financial plan should reflect your specific needs and goals. Your Modern Woodmen representative can help identify your needs and goals by asking questions to get to know your situation and using comprehensive financial analysis software to evaluate your financial situation.  

Achieve your goals
The purpose of financial planning is to reach your goals.  Your Modern Woodmen representative can help you prioritize your goals and provide advice and solutions to put you on the right track toward reaching them.  

Create a plan
Having the right life insurance, annuity and investment* products is a crucial part of financial planning. Your Modern Woodmen representative can help you choose the ones best suited to meet your needs.  

Get answers
Financial planning can be complicated.  You can simplify the process with help from a trained professional. Whenever you have a question or want to learn more, just call your Modern Woodmen representative – he or she will be happy to help.

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Why Get Help?