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MedicAlert Membership
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Modern Woodmen pays for members’ first three years of individual membership (a $105 value) in the MedicAlert Program, a world-renowned Personal Health Record (PHR) and emergency medical identification service provider. This benefit applies to new MedicAlert enrollees only.

Around-the-clock service
MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help save lives. Twenty-four-hour live response and 50 years of life-saving expertise stand behind the famous MedicAlert ID bracelets, which identify and provide vital medical information for emergency personnel anywhere in the world.  As a leading provider of Personal Health Records, MedicAlert enables our members to manage their health information while maintaining their securty, privacy and confidentiality. Millions put their trust in MedicAlert's proven ability to relay vital medical information in an emergency that can make the difference between life and death. MedicAlert is the brand emergency responders look for and trust most, when seconds count.

Benefits of MedicAlert® Advantage MembershipMedicAlert IDs

  • 24-hour emergency response hotline and family notification service
  • Personalized member emergency wallet card
  • Protects you from being given the wrong medications in an emergency
  • Helps emergency responders diagnose and treat your medical problems
  • Printed personal health record summary
  • Provides a list of your medications to pharmacies and physicians
  • Unlimited access and updates to your information
  • Advance directives storage

Kid Smart
Kid Smart - MedicAlert® for Modern Woodmen Youth Members

  • MedicAlert Kid Smart services help protect and identify your child in an emergency.
  • With a single phone call, emergency response personnel can access your child's medical records, protecting your child from serious situations.
  • You will be notified should your child, in your absence, require emergency medical treatment.
  • In addition, you have the reassurance that any time a lost child wearing a MedicAlert ID has been located or rescued, MedicAlert will contact the parent immediately.

Testimonials from MedicAlert members:

"I have multiple allergies to a wide variety of drugs. During a hospital visit, I was about to be given a medication, however, a call to MedicAlert verified that I was very allergic (anaphylactic shock) to that particular drug the hospital was planning on giving me. Thank you for saving my life." - Christine*

"You gave the paramedics my medications, allergies and past operations to deal with my medical problem (atrial fibrillation of the heart) at the time. Your assistance was immediately relayed to the paramedics by your operator, which saved precious minutes and my life! Thank you. Good work." - John*

Complements other member benefits
Like medical information booklets and the Prescription Drug Discount Program, this fraternal benefit is one way that Modern Woodmen supports the health and well-being of members.

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* Names have been changed to protect member privacy

Modern Woodmen fraternal benefits are not part of the life insurance or annuity contract and may have specific eligibility requirements.

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It's a Fact

Over the years, Modern Woodmen has provided over $380,130 for members' MedicAlert memberships.