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Final Wishes Interactive Resource
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Final Wishes Interactive Resource
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The Final Wishes Interactive Resource is a new tool to help members plan for and communicate their final wishes to loved ones. Final Wishes is an easy-to-use USB device containing many helpful resources:

  • Information on choosing an executor and the executor's role, including an estate administration timeline.
  • Documents for end-of-life financial and funeral planning.
  • Advice on sharing plans with others.
  • Tools to help loved ones make notifications and financial decisions after a member's death.

How it works
The small USB device opens the Final Wishes digital tool on a PC or Mac. From here, members can browse the contents and fill out helpful documents on their own or side-by-side with a loved one. The completed documents can then be saved directly to the device or on the computer.


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In 2014, 3,697 members received the Final Wishes USB device to help them plan for and communicate their final wishes to loved ones.