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Modern Woodmen’s Orphan Benefit gives parents the peace of mind of knowing that if their children are orphaned, Modern Woodmen will help provide financial support for their care and education.

Financial assistance

Depending on the orphaned child’s age, the guardian receives monthly payments of $200, $250 or $300 to be used for the child’s care. Payments continue until the orphan becomes self-supporting, marries, reaches age 19 or continues his or her education under the benefit’s scholarship plan.  

Scholarship plan
Modern Woodmen implements a $16,000 scholarship plan when an orphaned child enrolls at an accredited college, university or vocational institution. Modern Woodmen pays up to $4,000 during each school year for four years, as long as the student maintains acceptable grades.

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To get more information or to apply for the Orphan Benefit, contact your Modern Woodmen representative or call the home office at (800) 447-9811.

Modern Woodmen fraternal benefits are not part of the life insurance or annuity contract and may have specific eligibility requirements.

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It's a Fact

Nearly $3.9 million has been provided through the Orphan Benefit since 1965.