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Project Information and Ideas
There are many worthwhile ways to improve your community on Join Hands Day. When choosing a project, consider one that is:
  • Big enough to be worthwhile and challenging
  • Small enough to be done with the time and effort available
  • A good fit with everyone's talents, experiences and resources
  • A collaborative effort between youths and adults

Simple Project Ideas

Adult Group
A group meets at a local restaurant on Join Hands Day. The group has invited a local youth group (4-H, Girl Scouts, etc.) to attend the activity as guests. Everyone who attends is asked to bring a new stuffed toy or children’s book. Attendees work together to pack gift bags with the donated toys and books. Afterward, the bags are delivered to a local hospital or shelter that cares for children.

Youth Group 
A youth group invites teachers, PTA parents and students to meet them at a local public school on Join Hands Day. The kids and adults plant flowers together. When the project is completed, all volunteers are treated to snacks.