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Financial Literacy Program
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At Modern Woodmen, we believe that as a child's knowledge of money grows, so does his or her respect for money and the likelihood of smart financial decisions. Our Financial Literacy Program lays the foundation for successful money management by providing young people opportunities to gain age-appropriate knowledge and skills for today and the future.

This program is designed to meet national standards, as well as Common Core State Standards. It is divided into three age levels and covers a variety of financial topics.

Who can use this program?
Modern Woodmen members and nonmembers can use the Financial Literacy Program for free. Designed for children between prekindergarten and eighth grade, it may be used by schools and youth-related organizations, such as scouts, churches, and park and recreation departments.

Modern Woodmen representatives donate Modern Woodmen youth educational programs to their local schools and/or youth groups. In parts of the country not serviced by Modern Woodmen, the program may not be available.

Offered in three levels:  

Level 1 - Prekindergarten to 2nd grade

Discusses money basics, allowances, savings, Modern Woodmen's brand of charitable giving known as fraternalism and responsible spending.

Level 2 - 3rd grade to 5th grade
Addresses wants and needs, entrepreneurship, savings instruments, savvy shopping and more.

Level 3 - 6th grade to 8th grade
Tackles tough topics like careers, insurance, goal-setting, budgeting, credit and debt.

What's included

Instructional materials, including student reproducibles, are provided online at Participants also receive take-home items to reinforce what they've learned. Depending on the program level, these may include a:

  • Keepsake bank.
  • Money magnet.
  • Money management slide guide.

How to request

Use our Find a Representative feature.  If you have used the Financial Literacy Program before, you can request it online.

Modern Woodmen representatives donate Modern Woodmen Youth Educational Programs to their local schools and/or youth groups. In parts of the country not serviced by Modern Woodmen, the programs may not be available.

It's a Fact

In 2014, more than 2.3 million children’s lives were touched by Modern Woodmen youth educational programs.

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Teachers, use free certificates to recognize your students for their participation in the Financial Literacy Program.

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