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Did you know Americans are better at naming the Three Stooges than naming the three branches of government?  Anecdotal evidence, along with reams of formal research, points to a great need for citizenship education.

Modern Woodmen of America's Patriotic Civics Program provides curriculum to prepare young people to be strong members of society by:
  • Providing a forum for developing positive character traits.
  • Pointing out historical highlights.
  • Introducing important vocabulary and governmental concepts.
  • Setting the stage for civic involvement.
  • Offering a framework to instill personal, community and national pride.
Resources for children
Instructional materials, including student reproducibles and audio files of fun, original music and traditional patriotic tunes, are provided online at Students receive patriotic magnets to take home.

This program meets many national standards, as well as Common Core State Standards.

Who can use this program?
Modern Woodmen members and nonmembers can use the Patriotic Civics Program for free! Ideal for children between prekindergarten and eighth grade, it may be used by schools and youth-related organizations, like scouts, churches, and park and recreation departments.

Modern Woodmen representatives donate Modern Woodmen youth educational programs to local schools and/or youth-related organizations. In parts of the country not serviced by Modern Woodmen, the programs may not be available.

How to request

Use the Find a Representative feature.  If you have used the Patriotic Civics Program before, you can request it online.

Modern Woodmen representatives donate Modern Woodmen Youth Educational Programs to their local schools and/or youth groups. In parts of the country not serviced by Modern Woodmen, the programs may not be available.

It's a Fact

In 2014, 388,506 children participated in Modern Woodmen’s Patriotic Civics Program.

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