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School Speech Contest
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School Speech Contest

In 1948, Modern Woodmen of America developed this contest to offer students an opportunity to develop skills in clear thinking and public speaking. Today, it is an important event in schools across the nation. Since all materials are provided free from Modern Woodmen, the program is easy to implement in schools. The program is available to use January through May.

The contest is designed to meet national standards as well as Common Core State Standards.

Develops lifelong skills
By preparing and giving a three- to five-minute speech for this contest, participants learn skills that will help with school projects, job interviews and even careers. The contest provides kids with opportunities to:

  • Gain new public speaking skills. School Speech Contest program
  • Fine-tune existing English skills.
  • Enhance self-esteem.
  • Earn pins, trophies and recognition.

Every child’s a winner
To recognize their hard work, Modern Woodmen provides certificates for all participants! We also provide pins, individual trophies and engraved trophies for participating schools.

Who can use this program?
Modern Woodmen members and nonmembers can use the School Speech Contest for free! This program is best for children between fifth and eighth grades because they can advance to higher levels, but it is also beneficial for children between ninth and 12th grades. It may be used by public, parochial, private and home schools. Since this is a contest, at least 10 children are needed to compete.

Before you request
To learn more about this year’s contest, view details.
To learn more about Levels 2, 3 and 4, view details.

Modern Woodmen representatives donate Modern Woodmen youth educational programs to their local schools and/or youth groups. In parts of the country not serviced by Modern Woodmen, the programs may not be available.

How to request 
Use our Find a Representative feature. If you have used the School Speech Contest before, you can request it online.

Modern Woodmen representatives donate Modern Woodmen Youth Educational Programs to their local schools and/or youth groups. In parts of the country not serviced by Modern Woodmen, the programs may not be available.

School Speech Contest

In 2013, more than 123,000 children participated in Modern Woodmen’s School Speech Contest.

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