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Not only are they fun, these field trips provide valuable learning opportunities for Modern Woodmen’s youngest members. Funds from Modern Woodmen help make these trips possible for the youth service clubs.

Fun and educational

These trips offer children the opportunity to expand their horizons and have a great time through activities that are fun, safe and educational. Because they are a once-a-year event, kids really look forward to their Educational Experience.

Kids choose destinations
Kids enjoy voting on their destination of choice. They often visit historical points of interest, factories, farms, museums and zoos.

Get More Information

To learn more about youth service clubs, contact your local Modern Woodmen representative, call our home office at (800) 322-9805 or
 Send an email.

What a Response!

"By taking Educational Experience tours, history turns into a fun experience. They almost don't realize they're being taught!"
- Joan, Minnesota

"The best part for me was seeing the kids' faces as they looked at things they've never seen."
- Mark, South Dakota

"The best part about Educational Experience tours is that kids get to spend time with other kids and adults that care."
- Kelly, Arkansas