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This program allows youth service clubs to show their support for a community cause or an individual in need. When club members discover a cause they’d like to support, they rally together to plan a fundraiser, such as a raffle, ice cream social, car wash, walkathon or talent show. Modern Woodmen matches the amount they raise up to $500.

Matching Fund recipients

Frequently, clubs choose to help these organizations:
  • Rescue squads and volunteer fire departments
  • Centers for people with disabilities
  • Public schools
  • Parks, community centers, sports fields
  • Orphanages, nursing homes and shelters for people in need
  • Humane societies
  • Public libraries
  • People with high medical costs
Benefits club members too
Not only do Matching Fund projects raise money for those in need, they can heighten club members' sense of community as they rally together for a common cause. The participants feel good about themselves because they realize (perhaps for the first time) that they have the power to help people in need.

Get More Information

To learn more about youth service clubs, contact your local Modern Woodmen representative, call our home office at (800) 322-9805 or
 Send an email.

It's a Fact

In 2014, Modern Woodmen reimbursed more than $434,887 through Matching Fund projects done by its youth service clubs.

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Helping Others and Improving Communities