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Remembering Veterans
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Modern Woodmen developed two programs to instill patriotism within our youngest members. The programs give club members the opportunity to honor veterans through words and actions, by placing flags on graves or by creating greeting cards for those hospitalized in VA facilities.

Cards for veterans

Club members make cards and send them to veterans for a variety of holidays including Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, Father’s Day and Mother's Day. Cards include drawings, stickers and messages like, “God bless you,” and “We’re proud of you.” Kids enjoy making a difference in the veterans’ lives, and the veterans appreciate their thoughtfulness. Modern Woodmen provides funds to buy supplies to make these cards.

Flags for graves
For a small fee, Modern Woodmen supplies clubs with American flags for graveside visits. The kids enjoy participating in this activity because they understand how meaningful it is.

Honor veterans in your area
Here are some ways you can recognize local veterans.

        1. Display the American flag.
        2. Visit a cemetery or attend patriotic ceremonies on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.
        3. Send a note or visit veterans in a VA medical facility. Check out to find the location nearest you.
        4. Support your local American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) fund-raising events.
        5. Get involved in your local Modern Woodmen youth club’s or adult chapter’s patriotic activities.

Get More Information

To learn more about youth service clubs, contact your local Modern Woodmen representative, call our home office at (800) 322-9805 or
 Send an email.

What a Response

“Kids are really interested in listening to stories about what veterans have done. And they’re full of questions.”
– Marcella, South Dakota

“It brings tears to their [veterans who receive cards] eyes. Each room has a bulletin board, and the patients put the cards up so everyone can see them. They’re very proud!”
- Betty, a voluntary service specialist for a VA Medical and Regional Office Center in Vermont.

“It’s honoring them. It makes them [veterans] feel good, and it makes us [kids] feel good when we make them happy.”
– Danny, a seventh-grade club member