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Serving Others and Acting Responsibly (SOAR)
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Community service is a cornerstone of Modern Woodmen Youth Service Clubs and many youth club activities involve volunteering.

The SOAR (Serving Others and Acting Responsibly) program encourages members to give their time, talents and resources outside of regular youth club activities. SOAR is based on the calendar year and records service acts instead of hours. Club members can volunteer in six different categories:

  • Serving my family
  • Serving my neighbors
  • Serving my school
  • Serving my community
  • Serving my state and country
  • Serving the earth

Each club member who completes 50 acts of service receives an attractive, useful duffel bag. At higher service levels, members receive their choice of other exciting prizes.

Research shows kids who volunteer are much more likely to continue volunteering as adults. Modern Woodmen hopes its new volunteer program will instill a habit that will impact American communities for decades to come.

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To learn more about youth service clubs, contact your local Modern Woodmen representative, call our home office at (800) 322-9805 or
 Send an email.

Visit America's Promise

Serving Our Communities supports America's Promise, an alliance of organizations helping to provide fundamental resources to ensure a bright future for every young person in America.

For more information, visit their Web site.