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Youth Service Clubs
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Volunteerism, education, patriotism and fun are the foundation of Modern Woodmen youth service clubs. For more than 60 years, these clubs have improved the self-esteem of participating children through helping others.

What is a club?
Similar to scout troops, clubs hold monthly activities and plan volunteer projects that benefit the community. In a safe and positive environment, led by adult Modern Woodmen members, participating kids undertake countless educational, service and beautification projects for the betterment of their local communities. And they have a lot of fun along the way.

Benefit kids and their communities
Here are some of the many great things youth service clubs do:
  • Put hundreds of dollars and hours of service into their communities
  • Help young people grow into adults who serve their communities
  • Offer children wholesome, educational and fun activities
  • Build confidence and improve self-esteem Instill a sense of patriotism and pride in their communities
  • Give kids a chance to socialize with peers and interact with other generations
Who can participate?
All children who are members of Modern Woodmen are eligible to be part of a youth service club in their area. There are three types: Junior clubs for children 16 and younger; Teen clubs for age 12 and up; and Tiny Tot clubs for age 6 and under.

Popular youth service club programs
Of our many youth service club programs, here are some of the most popular:

    • Educational Experience
      Children visit scenic points of interest, tour factories, browse museums or enjoy similar learning activities together.
    • Family Fun
      Club members and their families join together for a fun, family-oriented activity, such as a picnic or a swimming party.
    • Join Hands Day
      People across the country join hands and bridge the generation gap to improve their communities on this national day of volunteering.
    • Matching Fund
      Club members plan fundraisers to support worthy causes, and Modern Woodmen matches the funds raised.
    • Remembering Veterans
      Young members develop a sense of patriotism by placing American flags on veterans’ graves, sending cards or visiting local VA facilities.
    • Sharing with Seniors
      Club members visit residents of nursing homes and retirement centers to reminisce, play games, make crafts and enjoy refreshments.

Additional Programs
Adopt A Grandparent, Annual Service Hours T-Shirt, Flags For Your Community, Help A Child, Make A Difference Day, Outstanding Volunteer Award, Parades, Plant A Tree, Salute, Soup Labels and Community Beautification are also offered by youth service clubs.

Get More Information

To learn more about youth service clubs, contact your local Modern Woodmen representative, call our home office at (800) 322-9805 or
 Send an email.

It's a Fact

In 2014, 790 Modern Woodmen youth service clubs recorded 173,205 service hours done by junior members during club activities. 

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"I like seeing the kids grow and teaching them how volunteering not only helps others, but also helps you grow as a person."
- Lisa, a youth service club leader from Vermont

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Youth service club leaders can now order supplies, post a message, get ideas and more all online! Sign up and log in today at