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Modern Woodmen Bank

Additional Insurance Products
Through MWAGIA, Inc., a Modern Woodmen of America subsidiary, representatives may offer these products underwritten by other insurance companies.  Product availability varies by state, so check with a Modern Woodmen representative in your area.

Health insurance
Individual and small-group insurance plans are available.

Disability income insurance
This coverage provides a regular income to insured members who become disabled and are unable to work.

Long-term care insurance
This product eases the financial burden for those who require professional care for normal daily living.

Cancer insurance
This product offers cancer and specified disease protection. Benefits, which are paid directly to the insured, can supplement other health insurance coverage and can cover nonmedical costs, which are not directly covered by health insurance.

Medicare supplement insurance
Policies help pay for those expenses not fully paid by Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Advantage plans are health plan options that are part of the Medicare program.  If you join one of these plans, you generally get all your Medicare-covered health care through that plan.  This coverage can include prescription drug coverage.

Second-to-die life insurance
This product can minimize the tax burden to the heirs of an estate owned by a husband and wife. The death benefit is paid upon the death of the surviving estate owner.

Dental insurance
Individual and small-group plans are available.