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Junior Max®
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Children's and Young Adult's Life Insurance
Junior Max®
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If you want to ensure that a child you care about will qualify for insurance in the future or you’d like to protect your family against expenses due to the loss of a child, consider Modern Woodmen’s Junior Max® term life insurance. The affordable Junior Max® plan is easy to obtain. No medical exam is required -- just answer a few health questions in the application. The plan provides your child (newborn to age 10) a solid financial foundation at an early age.

You can purchase $7,500 in Junior Max® term life insurance for a child, and he or she will be covered to age 18. At age 18, he or she can convert the insurance to $10,000 term or $15,000 permanent life insurance protection.


Affordable premiums
This is one of the most inexpensive term insurance plans in America! For only $24 per year, your child receives $7,500 of coverage until his or her 18th birthday.

Future insurability 
Help assure your child life insurance protection throughout his/her life. You can convert the plan to up to $15,000 of permanent or $10,000 of term life insurance protection at any time without proof of insurability. No medical exam is required.

Valuable protection
The death benefit provides peace of mind for families and financial assistance in case tragedy strikes.

Member benefits
By becoming a Modern Woodmen member, your child gains access to valuable fraternal benefits, such as youth service clubs, college scholarships, orphan benefits and more.

Plan may not be available in all states.