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Permanent Life Insurance
MaxCL Pro
Anyone anticipating life changes, such as having children, taking on a bigger mortgage or changing careers, should consider the benefits and protections of MaxCL. This flexible universal life insurance product gives you the freedom to adjust premiums and death benefits, and it accumulates cash value at competitive interest rates.  If you choose to make maximum premium payments, you’ll earn more cash accumulation.


Accumulate cash 
The plan builds cash value. You can accumulate extra funds tax-deferred at a guaranteed minimum 3 percent interest rate. Borrow or take a withdrawal from the surrender value to supplement retirement income, help pay for college or cover financial emergencies. Surrender charges may apply to withdrawals. 

Choose your premium 
Adjust the premium and/or how often you pay the premium within certain limits as your income and budget change. If you choose to make maximum premium payments, you'll build a larger cash value. Keep in mind, minimum payments must be met to keep the certificate in force. 

Adjust your coverage 
Insurance amounts start as low as $25,000 of coverage for individuals ages 0 to 80. Increase or decrease the amount as your life insurance needs change without purchasing a new certificate. (Proof of insurability may be required for increases.) If your surrender value is high enough, you could take a paid-up certificate and never pay another premium again. 

Be covered for life 
This permanent plan provides death benefit protection for as long as you live (provided sufficient premiums are paid). Your death benefit can help:

  • Pay for your final expenses, medical bills, mortgage payments and other outstanding debts
  • Provide additional income for your family to care for their current and future financial needs
  • Protect the lifestyle to which your family has grown accustomed, the home they live in, your estate and/or the business you helped to build

MaxCL may not be available in all states.

If you qualify, you can attach the following riders to your MaxCL certificate: 

  • Accelerated 

  • Accidental Death

  • Cost of Living

  • Guaranteed 
    Increase Option

  • Waiver of

Learn more about these riders.

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