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Permanent Life Insurance
MaxCL Pro
If you want whole life insurance that maximizes death benefit protection for each life insurance premium dollar you pay, then Modern Woodmen's MaxLife series may be right for you. Featuring cash accumulation opportunities unique to permanent life insurance, MaxLife can protect your family, business or even a key employee now, while delivering retirement benefits later.

The MaxLife series includes five payment options.  Your representative can help you choose the one that best fits your needs and desires.

Option Premium period
MaxLife Payable to age 121
MaxLife1 Single Premium
MaxLife10 Payable for 10 years
MaxLife20 Payable for 20 years
MaxLife65 Payable to age 65

When it comes to protection, the MaxLife series leaves nothing to chance. In addition to payment options, enjoy these important benefits:

Peace of Mind
Feel at ease with:

  • Level premiums that will never increase
  • Guaranteed coverage for as long as you live - even past age 121!
  • A death benefit that is guaranteed to be there when needed most.

Receive one of the lowest prices you'll find for whole life insurance coverage.

Cash Value
Accumulate extra funds tax deferred at a guaranteed minimum 4 percent interest rate. Use the cash value to cover financial emergencies and other expenses.

Earn dividends as declared by Modern Woodmen's board of directors. Use them to purchase additional, paid-up coverage or choose from a variety of other options.

MaxLife may not be available in all states.


If you qualify, you can attach the following riders to your MaxLife certificate: 

  • Accelerated 

  • Accidental Death

  • Guaranteed
    Purchase Option

  • Paid-up

  • Term Insurance

  • Waiver of 
    Premiums Benefit

Learn more about these riders.

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