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Since 1883, Modern Woodmen of America has brought people together, supported families and strengthened communities.

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Protecting members through national hardships

Modern Woodmen of America shares 2021 results.

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Modern Woodmen of America was founded in 1883 to help members clear financial burdens for their loved ones. Amid the many challenges faced by Americans in this unpredictable time, Modern Woodmen’s focus remains clear, and the organization continues to support members, their families and their communities as it has done for the past 139 years. The organization now shares its financial and fraternal results from 2021.

Some highlights:

  • Life insurance in force grew to $42.8 billion. This marks continued life insurance growth for the organization – and reiterates the value of protection in challenging times.
  • Total surplus increased to $2.4 billion, and premium income grew to $963 million. Modern Woodmen’s solvency ratio continues to exceed the industry average, supporting the organization’s commitment to members.
  • Modern Woodmen provided $16.6 million in fraternal support for members and their communities. These expenditures funded Modern Woodmen programs such as college scholarships, disaster relief assistance and a national campaign of community service projects.

“These unprecedented times have helped us gain knowledge and fresh perspectives for new ways to serve our members in the years ahead,” says W. Kenny Massey, Modern Woodmen’s president and CEO.

In-force life insurance increases

Life insurance in force, the total amount of life insurance owned by members to protect their families financially after a death, increased to $42.78 billion in 2021. Payments and benefits to members totaled $1.15 billion for the year. This includes death benefits, annuity payments and surrender benefits.

“There’s a lot we can’t predict in life,” says Massey. “However, for many of our members, life insurance helps make that uncertainty more manageable for their loved ones.”

As a fraternal benefit society, Modern Woodmen was founded on the belief that families should be protected from potential financial challenges. Modern Woodmen representatives can help members with their financial planning and protection needs through all stages of life.

Assets total $17.5 billion

Modern Woodmen’s year-end assets, which are invested primarily in high-quality, low-risk corporate and government bonds, totaled $17.5 billion for 2021. The total life insurance and annuity premium income received by Modern Woodmen rose to $963 million.

Total surplus continued to grow, reaching $2.4 billion at the end of the year. These funds ensure Modern Woodmen’s ability to meet unforeseen events and provide funds for future growth opportunities.

Modern Woodmen’s solvency ratio increased to 115.91%. Put another way, for every $100 of liabilities, Modern Woodmen has $115.91 in assets that back up Modern Woodmen’s promises to members.

“Our staff and representatives work hard to improve our members’ quality of life and provide top-notch service,” says Massey. “We’ll always be there to fulfill the promises we make.”

Fraternal programs support communities nationwide

More than 729,000 people throughout the United States are members of Modern Woodmen. In 2021, Modern Woodmen contributed $16.6 million to support community-oriented programs, including disaster relief assistance, college scholarships and volunteer activities coordinated by adult chapters and youth service clubs nationwide.

In January 2021, the organization launched its national 2021derful campaign, a coordinated membership project seeking to spread positivity in communities across the country. Through the project, members recognized health care providers, school employees and other essential workers; stocked local food pantries; performed acts of kindness for first responders and military members; and raised funds for community causes.

“Fraternalism enriches lives and strengthens communities,” notes Massey. “Our members, fraternal leaders, representatives and staff have caring, giving hearts, and our combined impact in 2021 showcases that.”

Some fraternal highlights:

  • Modern Woodmen’s Make An Impact Scholarships, which provides scholarships funds for 198 young members each year, awarded $450,000 to students.
  • The organization’s Fraternal Aid Fund, which pays premiums for members experiencing medical or natural disasters, provided nearly $70,000 in relief for member households.
  • More than 230,000 volunteer hours were recorded by members and their guests at Modern Woodmen events.
  • Members supported over 3,100 fundraisers through Modern Woodmen’s Matching Fund Program, contributing millions of dollars to community groups across the country.

About Modern Woodmen

Modern Woodmen was founded in 1883 as a fraternal benefit society. The organization supports members, families and communities with a unique blend of financial services, fraternal programs and local-impact opportunities.

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