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Since 1883, Modern Woodmen of America has brought people together, supported families and strengthened communities.

About Us
Modern Woodmen of America, Rock Island, IL

Looking for a meaningful career?

Grow with Modern Woodmen! As a financial representative, you can make a positive impact for your family and your community.

Financial Planning

We can help you meet your current needs, achieve your future dreams and plan for all stages of life.

Planning for Life
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Persevering Through Uncertain Times

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Modern Woodmen maintains a portfolio of high-quality financial products that can help you meet a wide range of life needs.

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Financial planning

Browse our helpful tips and articles to understand what’s important to you and your loved ones.

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When you join Modern Woodmen, you become a member of the organization. You trust us with your financial needs. And you have the opportunity to access fraternal member programs and impact your community.

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Make a payment, update your address, and access account information, online forms and fraternal programs from the member website.

​Are You Ready for Retirement?

Keep these tips in mind as you near retirement.  

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Retirement planning
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Retirement planning

Planning for retirement doesn't have to be complicated. But it does require making a commitment to your plan. Begin with the basics.

1. Take inventory of projected income. Have you reviewed what your retirement income might look like? Consider all sources: Social Security, pension, annuities, IRAs and other assets. If you need help, talk to a Modern Woodmen representative. Your workplace’s Human Resources Department and the Social Security Administration website (ssa.gov) can also be good sources of information.

2. Calculate how much income you will need in retirement.

3. Create a spending plan (budget) that lists ongoing, monthly expenses.

4. Review health insurance options.

5. Make sure legal paperwork is in order. This includes wills, health care powers of attorney, trusts, and/or other ownership arrangements for assets and considering lifetime transfers of assets.

6. Have adequate life insurance to complete your estate plan and provide for a surviving spouse and/or other dependents.

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​Single premium immediate annuity

​Single premium immediate annuity

Getting ready to retire? You face many risks, including increasing health care costs, the impact of inflation and market volatility. If you are like most, you feel the future of Social Security is uncertain and your employer most likely doesn’t offer a pension. The result? The largest risk you may face is the risk you will outlive your retirement savings.

Final Wishes Resources
Fraternal program

Final Wishes Resources

Get your “house” in order and share your late-in-life/end-of-life wishes … or help a loved one with this important task. These guides help members plan, organize and start conversations.