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Since 1883, Modern Woodmen of America has brought people together, supported families and strengthened communities.

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Modern Woodmen of America, Rock Island, IL

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Gifts that Keep Giving

Tales from the Birthday Book Club

Once upon a time, children near and far found a book in the mail on their birthday. This is no fairy tale … it’s a real member program for Modern Woodmen kids and their families!

Find a cozy reading nook and immerse yourself in these Birthday Book Club stories, told by three member families.

Feeling seen


Walker family, Indiana | Angie, Tyler, and daughters Winter, 5, and Ember, 2

Representative: Kurtis Iseminger

When Winter Walker and her sister, Ember, get their Birthday Book Club books in the mail, they’re thrilled to see their “Uncle Kurtis” on the back cover. Their parents, Angie and Tyler, love how personalized the books feel coming from their Modern Woodmen representative.

“Getting the books in the mail is kind of like receiving a birthday card,” Angie says. “But it’s even more exciting and serves a purpose, too!”

The Walkers love a good story. They center lots of their family fun time around reading. They visit the library weekly, read bedtime stories every night and even bring their books outside when the weather’s nice.

Angie thinks reading is a great parenting tool. It lets kids express themselves, explains complicated concepts and teaches valuable lessons. She and Tyler enjoy watching their daughters interact with their books and read to each other.

The family’s favorite book is “Thank You Bear” by Greg E. Foley. It’s about a bear and his empty cardboard box. Nobody else thinks the box is special until Bear shows it to his friend, Mouse. Angie and Tyler like the lesson it teaches about finding joy in simple things.

“The Birthday Book Club makes us feel seen,” Angie said. “It’s cool to know that Modern Woodmen cares about reading and provides all these kids with books.”

Classics prevent crashes


Jackson family, Texas | Michelle and son Vijay, 10

Representative: Meredith Smith

Vijay Jackson fears a world without reading. “If you don’t know how to read, you could get in an accident,” says the 10-year-old. “If someone couldn’t read the word “STOP,” people wouldn’t know to stop at stop signs. That could cause a crash.”

Though she may not envision catastrophes like her son, Vijay’s mother is just as serious about the importance of literacy. Michelle has been teaching for a decade. She recently became assistant principal, continuing to share her lifelong love of reading with students.

The first time Vijay received a Birthday Book Club package is a core memory. He was shocked and elated. That excitement has grown every birthday since.

His favorite thing about this member program is that the books are free. That way, more kids like him are able to read … even if they can’t afford books.

When asked what his favorite Birthday Book Club book has been, Vijay doesn’t hesitate. He runs to his bedroom and returns with a classic: “Aesop’s Fables.”

Good readers, great leaders


Nance family, North Carolina | Melanie, Todd, and daughters Isabelle, 16, and Madelyn, 10

Representative: Tahesia Carter

Reading isn’t seen as a chore in the Nance household. It’s a gift. Melanie, Todd and their kids love how books let their imaginations run wild.

“We love how reading immerses us in the story and makes us feel as if we’re there,” says Todd. “Books are gifts that keep on giving. No matter how many times you read the same book, you always pick up on something new reading it again.”

The family’s favorite book to read together is “Two Bobbies” by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery. The story portrays an unlikely friendship between a cat and dog who leaned on each other during Hurricane Katrina.

Reading books for fun has led the Nance children to excel in school. The family lives by the saying that a good reader makes a great leader. They’re grateful Modern Woodmen is giving children what they believe to be the best gift: the gift of knowledge.

How can my child join the Birthday Book Club?

Cue the confetti and cake! Member children can celebrate their love of reading by receiving a free, age-appropriate book in the mail for their birthday.

To be eligible for the Birthday Book Club, children must be:

  • Age 1-16.
  • Part of a family in which all parents/guardians and children (under 18) are members covered by Modern Woodmen life insurance or annuity products.

To apply, contact your Modern Woodmen representative, who can register your family for the program. Modern Woodmen will mail books directly to your home each year!

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Birthday Book Club
Fraternal program

Birthday Book Club

Modern Woodmen kids who qualify can receive a book in the mail each birthday up to age 16. The high-quality, age-appropriate books include classic tales, contemporary fiction and educational resources.